Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's Up

So I have been keeping a low profile here, but some stuff has happened. Firstly, I got MARRIED! A very quiet affair, just my mom and her guy, and my husband's parents. There were five photos.

Secondly, I have had two jewelry parties hosted by some nice ladies. I did very well and hope to have some more. It is nice to get together and drink some wine and meet new people.

I currently have a terrible cold and can't breathe. I have been holding down the couch for a few days.

I made my husband cut down a tree on Sunday. Went to the farm with my Cousin and her family, and my mom. I accidently chose an 11 footer. Loved Loved carrying it!! I got hives from the needles, then it fell over in the stand. It is not really safe for the sunroom, where I wanted it. It is resting comfortably on the deck, laying down.

What I really need to do is rephotograph all of my jewelry with my cool new macro lens, relist them with the updates. I found a really pretty ceramic tile for the background. I want them all to have a uniform appearance. Soon they will be on Etsy.

Next project is to make some bezel pendants with some of the gorgeous cabochons I have. Turquoise, jasper, labradorite to name a few. I made a lovely hinged one with dinasaur bone, but the hinge wasn't soldered properly. Tried to fix, alas, cracked the stone! (note to self) Never heat with stone already set

Ok, time for a nice cuppa.

Happy Holidays...