Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon

My father Jody, mom Maureen,
me, and my brother, Jim in 2008

I have made a very big decision! A marathon would be nice, and as I am my father's daughter, I have decided on the Nike Women's Marathon, in San Francisco. This event is October 17, exactly one week after the first anniversary of my father's death from Leukemia. The reason I chose this event, 3000 miles from home, is because the sponsor is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
I will have to raise $3,500 to go, but it will go to them. My personal goals in life are run a marathon and go skydiving. The first one I am doing this year. Anyone who wants to do the second with me, I am there! Anyone who wants to run this marathon with me, please be there! The most challenging part is raising the funds through donations, but they are giving me a website and I will start being extra nice to everyone I know!

My father and I used to take walks together and kayak. I always enjoyed those times together and miss them tremendously. I am trying to coerce my mother to go with me and volunteer at the race. This is the mother who let me drive her 900 miles to see Keith Urban in a tiny town called Crawford, PA! (she is my best friend) So what is a four day trip to SF?

This is the link to the LLS site for the event:


Friday, April 2, 2010

Low profile

So I have not been feeling well for the past week. I had a stomach virus that wouldn't leave me alone, and I am just feeling normal. Yesterday, I went to my cousin's for her 6 year old's Fancy Nancy birthday party. Guess what she has? A stomach virus #&%*!

In the meantime, I have had three sales this week, yippee! Finished and received payment for the wholesale order, and started some new work that I will post tomorrow on etsy.

All in all, not a bad week. Oh thats right, still have to do my taxes.