Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon

My father Jody, mom Maureen,
me, and my brother, Jim in 2008

I have made a very big decision! A marathon would be nice, and as I am my father's daughter, I have decided on the Nike Women's Marathon, in San Francisco. This event is October 17, exactly one week after the first anniversary of my father's death from Leukemia. The reason I chose this event, 3000 miles from home, is because the sponsor is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
I will have to raise $3,500 to go, but it will go to them. My personal goals in life are run a marathon and go skydiving. The first one I am doing this year. Anyone who wants to do the second with me, I am there! Anyone who wants to run this marathon with me, please be there! The most challenging part is raising the funds through donations, but they are giving me a website and I will start being extra nice to everyone I know!

My father and I used to take walks together and kayak. I always enjoyed those times together and miss them tremendously. I am trying to coerce my mother to go with me and volunteer at the race. This is the mother who let me drive her 900 miles to see Keith Urban in a tiny town called Crawford, PA! (she is my best friend) So what is a four day trip to SF?

This is the link to the LLS site for the event:



  1. Wonderful decision!! I have never run a marathon, but I've stayed up all night and walked in the Relay for Life for the Am. Cancer Society every spring for the past 11 years.
    I will be happy to sponsor you with a small donation... Suz

  2. Wow, Michelle! What a challenge to take on! Your training for this event... 6 months of it... will be gruelling, I'm sure, so maybe that will make the fundraising seem less daunting! Good luck with this new adventure. I hope your mom will accompany you... it seems like a perfect mother and daughter event!

    I'm glad you posted the link in the EPE thread so I could find you here. I'm now following.

  3. Yay, Michelle: what a terrific decision to do this marathon in honor of your Dad; I have a friend, a Leukemia survivor who has participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society events..and they are inspiring; I also did the NYC marathon about a billion years ago! Happy training!

  4. How exciting! Please let us know where we can sign up to sponsor you.

    My husband runs marathons, but I'm the one who likes to sky dive! I've been twice now and if money wasn't an issue I'd do it again.