Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something New - It's the Wood that makes it good

My new fascination with wood
and with layers

I don't list things as often as I should. That sounds like a song! My procrastination will be my downfall. Here I am, now a quit my day job girl, and I have played enough Wii to best my own top score on Link's Crossbow (the only weapon I use) I think about making something, and I have enough materials to open my own shop. Sound familiar?

I love wooden beads. And lamp work beads. Alas glass is soooooo heavy! Wood is light, very light. A perfect marriage. My new bracelet, one of many, features wood beads with a mix of glass, and ceramic spacers. I can't wait to make more, plus they are fast. It's the wood that makes it good. Way back, Kenny Rogers had a restaurant, and that was the slogan. I always got a kick out of that one. Surprisingly, they went out of business.

My other new fave, is layering silver discs to make abstract floral shapes. The gold bezel is pretty and the tourmaline is really nice set inside the oxidized layers. It is like a rippling stone toss, oh that would make a good title somehow. Write that down, self.

My next endeavor is to make some bezel pendants with the plethora of cabochons I have "acquired". Photos to follow..


  1. Michelle! Good luck with the quit your day job thing! Thanks for contacting me on my's a tough decision, but I too am much happier than I've been in a long long time :)

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