Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good intentions

I was using an adorable chia pet to photograph my rings. The color just popped right out and looked great with the green grassy hair. Even though little chia belonged to Adam (a 7 year old), I didn't give it a second thought to use it..
Then one of the kids decided to give poor little chia a haircut, see for yourself.....I tried everything to save him, water, humidity, sun, but alas, nothing worked. Now I have found my new table does a great job for photos, but it is not the same, but new chia is growing, so keep a lookout for my white sapphire resting in new chia....yea Lesson learned, buy your own.

Then one of the kids, unnamed, chose to give poor chia a haircut, and the rest is history... see for yourself...

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