Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something Different

So I love silver and gemstones and beads and gold and pearls and.....then I bought Beads2010 and drooled on the pages. It was so fun looking at all the pretty, pretty things.

I love the look of color and a mix of ceramic and all of that together. I found some jewelry that I liked and did some research and now have spent a fortune on materials for a new branch of designs for my jewelry. I bought some ceramic eggs from this fab glass artist found here Of course I probably bought more than anyone else as I often do. I go overboard and get carried away. And some really pretty beads from fellow TeamEPE seller But buying is not my problem.

Have you ever put down an assortment of things to make a piece of jewelry and your mind looks at everything and can't decide where to start? Four hours later, you are still looking and nothing has been accomplished. I have been working at my regular job, with strange hours, for the last two weeks. We also had the kids staying with us for April vacation. Not a setting for creativity. I have also been training for the marathon. I have to concentrate and no TV, or computer for three days!!!! No, no, no!!

So look out, in the next week, I will have made and posted 10-15 new items on my Etsy site! Yippee!! This is one of them in the photo above.

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  1. This is beautiful! I'm a new follower!